Buzzcoil ignition system for model hit & miss engines
For further details we can be reached via email at: Information on Buzcoils

Initial offering will consist of ready-to-use Buzzcoil PC board assembly complete with pigtail leads. To complete installation just follow the wiring diagram using your model coil and battery. We suggest using the Exciter model coil and a miniature sealed lead-acid battery, both which are available through us if desired.

Later offerings will include several sizes of turnkey solutions complete with buzzcoil, battery, and coil all contained in a custom designed scale wood "battery box". This new Buzzcoil Battery Box offering provides an ideal solution for model hit & miss engines. Buzzcoil ignitions provide a "shower of sparks" and have proven ideal for low rpm hit & miss model engines where fuel mixtures are often inconsistent. Our new Buzzcoil Battery Box uses an electronic buzzcoil instead of the old style mechanical version found in a Model T Buzzcoil. Since an electronic buzzcoil requires far less electrical current than an old mechanical version, battery performance is excellent. In testing this summer we successfully ran our Tochtrop Economy model engine for 36 hours straight using the electronic buzzcoil with no drop in ignition performance.

The main advantage of the electronic buzzcoil, however, is the ability to build a smaller installation package than is possible with a mechanical buzzcoil. For larger models this may not be an issue, but for those with small scale models the small form factor of the electronic buzzcoil will be quite helpful in creating a scale display model.

Until now successful ignition systems for small model hit & miss engines have been a bit of a "love/hate" relationship. Traditionally, either a single spark system is attempted using a converted or model coil, or alternatively an old automotive "Model T" type buzzcoil is used to provide a "shower of sparks" to the combustion chamber. Both solutions have disadvantages for model hit & miss engines. Single spark systems (transistor ignition module or points and condenser) function in an acceptable manner so long as everything else in the engine is tuned properly,unfortunately most model hit & miss engines suffer from varying fuel/air ratios in the combustion chamber. This often results in misfiring or failure of the single spark to ignite the fuel/air charge in the combustion chamber. Old Model T type automotive buzzcoils provides a strong shower of sparks in the combustion chamber but these type buzzcoils are large in size and require a large battery for operation, this makes for an unsightly display.

No more need for a large automotive buzzcoil or large sealed lead battery to power your hit & miss engine. Using efficient electronic buzzcoil technology and minature sealed lead-acid batteries, scale installations are possible. For the turnkey battery box offering there will only be three wires to connect, one wire to engine ground, one wire to ignition points and one lead to the engine spark plug.